Top 10 Reasons Why a Virtual Assistant (VA) is Better than Hiring an In-House Office Assistant

Top 10 Reasons Why a Virtual Assistant (VA) is Better than Hiring an In-House Office Assistant

Kudos! Your business is growing and you have decided it is finally time to hire an Office Assistant.

Hiring in-house staff can become complicated.

Questions to answer are “where to advertise”, “what skills and experience should the candidate have”, “what will their work schedule be”, “what equipment and furniture do I need to purchase” or “what if they don’t work out”.

Top 10 Ways a Virtual Assistant (VA) Can Save Your Business Money

Top 10 Ways a Virtual Assistant (VA) Can Save Your Business Money

Most small businesses or entrepreneurs do not have a large budget for hiring additional staff when demands warrant it. Often times, a business owner may think it is more cost effective to do the work themselves rather than spending operating capital on part-time staff.

The following list itemizes the cost benefits of contracting a Virtual Assistant and making it an affordable option.

3 Things To Consider About Cheap Websites

The internet highway is flooded with websites and landing pages.  Domain and hosting partners like GoDaddy and Wix will never see a drought in business.  They make the process of site-ownership easy and affordable.  Have you ever asked yourself why?

Why is so so easy to get a domain for as low as 99 cents?  Why is it so easy to use a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) site builder to quickly build and publish a website "in minutes" for cheap?  You've heard us say here, an website is like an employee.  If you hire a minimum-wager, you can more than likely expect minimum wage effort.  If you hire a salaried or benefit recipient, you can expect a different level of commitment and work ethic.  This is simloy because the applicant was more qualified, and therefore more difficult to obtain and onboard.  

Your website should be the salaried, qualified worker you hired.  Let's look at three things to consider about your site.

#1 - Cookie Cutter Design

I know what you're thinking.  Who cares?  I agree that there are beautiful sites online made by the top companies in site-building.  If your target audience is your Uncle and his children, who has never been online, then by all means stick with the cookie cutter designs.  Odds are, however, your target audience has been online researching and comparing you to other companies.  They need to see something that stands out from all the rest.  

It's like an HR manager reviewing resumes.  If you see the same style of black/white copy resumes over and over again, soon they all start to look alike and the candidates' qualities seem to cross-compare.

So, a website design, one that is unique to you, gets you noticed by your customer.  Don't get shuffled in the pile with the rest of the websites your consumer is reviewing.

#2 - Limited Functionality

Like you, I miss the simple "handshake, let's do business".  Now, to do business effectively, you need an aggressive marketing strategy.  Websites, if purposed this way, can provide analytics to keep you ahead of the game on lead generation and nurturing.  Knowing how to read and process this data will give you an edge up on converting leads to customers.  Sounds tough? It takes some insight to understand.  But the point is the data doesn't come with a free, or next to free, website.  Learning to read that data can be learned, or the data can be given to a marketing manager to read and give feedback.

#3 - Support? Zilch.

You pay site-builder sites $4-$100 a month.  But after you build, what type of support do you get? If you need changes, coding questions, glitches fixed; how long will you have to wait for the support ticket to be cleared? How long will you have to wait to even get an answer from the support or IT department?

A designer or design firm are usually the fastest way to find and resolve issues with your site.  Even design changes, like color and information, can usually be done within 2-24 hours.  


Let's consider.  Hiring qualified employees at a competitive rate ensures they will work hard for your business and maximize your profits.  Hire a designer, get the website your company needs and actually see results!