Before You Open For Business Consider This

There’s something about opening your own business. The sense of accomplishment you feel knowing that you are the boss cannot be duplicated.  

This sweet bliss, however, can be overshadowed by a growing task list and financial chaos. This leaves you feeling defeated and exhausted. I’ve been there.  

But there are fail-safe methods you can put into place that will give you peace of mind and allow you to experience the joy of finally being a business owner! 

More Than Just A Task List


The first step, well, after you’ve made up your awesome business name, is usually a lengthy to do list. Business Licenses and insurances, tax declaration, website, etc are the template to-do items for every business. The list can be detailed in Reminder apps or broad and brief on a cocktail napkin from yesterday’s lunch. 

There is a better way. We can set up your project management system that will keep things running smooth and can be accessed anywhere you are. If you share with a team, We can make your system accessible to everyone. You will be able to coordinate tasks, due dates, assignments all with the click of a mouse. 

Getting this system set up early is a great way to launch your business on the right path. The best part is you can continue these systems and update them as your business grows. 


In all the excitement, you set up a Wix or GoDaddy website and Facebook page. That is usually our first step, only to find that you have to later re-do the site because your message isn’t communicated properly and you have 0 followers. 

Why not come out of the gate swinging! It all starts with your brand. Don’t confuse this with your logo. A brand delivers a clear message about who you are and who your audience is. There is a color psychology study that shows how colors communicate to the consumer. Even your font, the pictures you choose (licensed and not “borrowed” from Google Images I hope), and the language in your content reveal your consumer. 

If all of your social media, blog, content, and documents share your message effectively; your brand will be recognizable and your consumer’s first thought when they need your particular service. 


Final Advice

Be patient. A growing business takes time. It can be overwhelming but don’t beat yourself up. Delegate to your team and get help where needed.

We can show you 5 tasks you can delegate right now to a Virtual assistant without hiring a full time receptionist or even having a brick and mortar building.

Schedule a free consultation and let’s get your systems up and going!