Flirt or Marketing Genius?

Recently, I stopped at a light and a sign guy advertising a mobile phone shop yelled at me telling me he is a massage therapist and just opened his own business. He yelled his number and told me to call him. At first thought, I deemed his method of marketing to be foolishness and summed it up to mindless flirtation. How did he expect to gain customers by yelling his number? Was this effective advertising? I say No!

I took the the number down to contact him to tell him just that (and sell him business cards)! While dialing, I immediately hung up the phone. In a chaotic, and unprofessional manner, he's achieved what he set out to do. Get me to contact him. No matter what he was selling - massage services, mobile phone service, or a date - he'd gotten me to contact him. Which is the goal of advertising.


Now- I am definitely not telling you to yell your number to strangers to get them to contact you. But think- does your current advertising method work? Does it get people to contact you immediately - despite their or your intention?  Well it certainly got me to thinking about my advertising methods and those of my customers.

The only flaw in Mr Mobile Phone Massage Flirt's method was this: I had written the number down wrong! (Repost)