Google is serious this time!

Things are quickly going to change for website users on July 1st regarding internet security.  After years of urging website developers to secure sites with SSL certificates, Google has finally made an official decision to make this change a requirement.  

As of July 1, 2018, Google will warn consumers away from websites that are not secure with SSL.  The mogul website search engine will give a warning and make accessibility to these sites difficult.  As a further incentive, those with the secure certificate may see a slight increase in their ranking, per Google.

To know if your site is secure is an easy test.  If your site is accesible by using "", you are secure.  If you only have "" you are not secure.  The "s" makes all the difference.  

Securing the site can be quite the undertaking.  Contact us if you need to get a secure website.  Don't miss out on potential customers!