My experience with idprintpress has been above exceptional. I’m a new business owner and was looking for someone who’d be able to provide multiple business services to include website design, logo, promotional product design, etc and still be in a comfortable budget. I’ve used other companies in the past year who didn’t provide the services I paid for, so I was very hesitant to spend more money on something I wouldn’t be pleased with. I was pleasantly surprised with the level of excellence provided by idprintpress.
Every interaction has been amazing! Every product they produced surpassed all of my expectations. Once I saw the level of expertise, I decided to not only use them for designing purposes, but I’ve also hired the company to provide virtual assistant services. I’m beyond pleased with their business ethics, professionalism and superb customer service. I will definitely use them again for future needs.
— Tyria D. Jones, Author of "A Crown of Beauty for Ashes"
LaVonia Ross