the worst employee


You are in business.  You've picked the logo.  The colors.  The products.  You have even gotten a free domain and website set up.  But no one is buying.

Could it be your site is not efficient?  Think of your website like an employee.  You've given it a job. It uses all of your resources, but you aren't seeing any results.  Your website may need more training, and some adjusting.  After all, the bottom line is this; it's job is to generate sales.

take action

It's time to rethink your site.  What is it doing right?  What is it doing wrong?  How to tell the difference.  

You didn't get here by accident.  You know your site needs help - and if you realize it, your consumer does.  Even if you don't have a site yet, this course will help you get a solid foundation before you begin to DIY your website or hire a designer.  


In this free course, you will get all the information you need to have a rockin' site that will drive your more traffic and more sales.  You will learn basic design elements, content, and best practices for today's internet market. You get all of these great topics for FREE!

  1. The Purpose of A Website
  2. Top 10 Things to Include
  3. Branding Basics
  4. Mobile-Awesomeness
  5. Functional Layout
  6. Interaction and Reaction
  7. Basic Coding for the Non-Coder & SEO

So, all you have to do is sign-up! We will begin July 23, 2018.  All of the information you need to start will be in your email.  (Look for - don't forget to mark us as safe senders)


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When you sign up for the web design course, you'll get a special surprise after the 7 Day Course. Worth $50! Cha-Ching! 

Now, really, what are you waiting on!!!! Sign Up, like NOW!