welcome to the virtual assistant program

Please view the Welcome Video


How We Work

  1. First, Visit What is A Virtual Assistant and our services page to get a clear understanding on what we do. Look over our packages and choose what you believe is the best fit.

  2. 15 Minute Consultation - Our First Meeting.  Here, we discuss your needs and our skills and see how we are best matched to work together.  

  3. Next, check your email for our Discovery Packet.  These are crucial questions we need answers to in order to serve you efficiently.
  4. The next email is your invoice and contract.  Take time to review it and sign it so we can begin working on your task list.  If on retainer package pricing, your invoice and contract will specify your payment method.
  5. We will then set up any systems necessary to work on your tasks (Trello, Screen Monitoring, Task Scheduler, etc).
  6. If on retainer, simply email tasks to hellovirtualhero@gmail.com.  A confirmation and sub-contract (if necessary) will be sent via email and the client portal.  The task will be added to your current invoice.
  7. Your task will be delivered via your client portal.  Any balances or expenses, as outlined in your contract, will be updated on your current invoice.  All invoices are expected to be paid by the due date before any additional hours are calculated.
  8. A balance report will be sent to the portal five days after your billing cycle ends.  This outlines all hours used for the month.  Hours do not roll over.
  9. If you have a la carte tasks, your balance report will show exact hours used for your project.


Any questions, contact VA Services or call (832) 832-5474